Foundation: Confidence

A great place to start with a new believer or a new disciple.

Foundation: Empowerment

Part 3 of the Foundation materials

Reliability of the Bible

Find answers for questions about how trustworthy the bible is

Apologetic Forums

Tim Keller engages in defense of the Christian worldview

Sexual Wholeness 2

Explore the stories of your disciple and your own sexual brokenness and begin healing

Why Initiative Evangelism

Is initiating evangelism conversations worth doing?

Relational Evangelism

Explore ways to share the gospel with friends and family


We live in a fallen world, at times it feels impossible not to be worried about things, how do we manage it?


The discipline of fasting has been nearly forgotten by most Christians, but God desires for us to engage in it!

Discipline of Study

How is the discipline of studying different then school work


We have the opportunity to talk to the God of the universe, let's take advantage of that fact!

Quiet Time

Reading the bible is key to living the Christian life, so is understanding what you read

Justification by Faith

It's not our works that save us, but our faith in Christ

Time Management

Everyone is busy, but everyone has time to work with too

Responses to the Gospel

Many people have many different ways of receiving and responding to the message of the gospel

Spiritual Battle

There is at all times around us an invisible battle being fought


We all have sin in our lives, yet God calls us to live holy lives. How do we get there?

Pride and Submission

Submission feels like a dirty word, but what if that's exactly what we were made for?

Right People for Discipleship

Who is a person that should be challenged into a discipleship relationship?

Foundation: Acceptance

Part 2 of the Foundation materials

Foundation: Development

Part 4 of the Foundation materials

Absolute Truth

In a postmodern world, is there any room left for absolute truth?

Sexual Wholeness

Explore the stories of your disciple and your own sexual brokenness and begin healing

Sexual Wholeness 3

Explore the stories of your disciple and your own sexual brokenness and begin healing

Purpose of Evangelism

Why should a Christian engage in Evangelism?

Eternal Perspective

What if we lived our lives with more in mind then the temporary things?

Handing Over Anxiety

When life feels overwhelming, God asks us to hand anxiety over to Him

Discerning God's Will

What is God saying to me? How do I know what's from God and what's from me?


What does it mean to meditate as a Christian? What are the benefits?

Lectio Divina

A traditional method of scripture reading intended to promote communion with God

Daily Examen

A method of reflecting on the day to better see God's presence in your life


God desires for His people to live in community and fellowship with one another, so what does that look like?

Importance of Church

What is the church and why we should be a part of one


God has entrusted everyone with something, learn how to use what He has given you

World Vision

Jesus commanded His followers to take His message beyond their hometowns


Life is full of hardships, why?

Right Reasons for Discipleship

Why should someone start discipling another person?

Right Components for Discipleship

What makes discipleship, discipleship?