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What do I do with my anxiety?



Covid, climate, wars, poverty, finances, illness, jobs, classes, relationships... Anxiety can come from anywhere. More people struggle with anxiety than ever before, is there a reliable way to deal with it?

Looking for a place to plug in on your campus? Want to grow in your faith? Maybe you're curious about Jesus and Christianity and just have questions you want answered. Get connected and find your place with Cru on your campus.

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Cru is a movement of people who have alive walks with Christ and are in authentic relationships as we advance the gospel to every person. Imagine a day when every student on campus met someone passionate to love them & introduce them to Christ. Imagine as every freshman arrives they find a vibrant, exciting movement that is seeing lost students come to Jesus, Christian students grow in Christ, lives being radically changed, and students taking the gospel where it has never gone before.  We don't want any student to miss out on the great adventure that God has for them! Currently, there are over 150 million college students---and approximately 135 million of them do not have a personal relationship with God. We are trusting God to change that. You might just be part of the answer.